Joe Nash by Joe Nash

Joe Nash by Joe Nash

Nashification amalgamated.  M and A applied to a blog and a "portfolio" site.  

The blog — updated if and when I feel the whim and whim it must be, looking in the rear-view. The future is no more likely to conform to some cadence than the past. 

Portfolio demands quotes as curation is no more an acquired skill here — than process. If only this dog's breakfast would rise to the level of curated. Expectations are best kept under the limbo stick

Keen for man-made objects, so structures and other stuff are piled high, the early exclusion of persons later somehow mutated into an attraction to strangers and ennui powered the recent foray into popping off an artificial light on whomever would stand, or sit, for that.

Eclectic, would be charitable, scatterbrained more precise.  The schoolyarders of my cohort favored, "like it or lump it". Ditto!

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Joe Nash

Baltimore, January 2016