Chinatown Snaps

Uploading to SmugMug now around 85 San Francisco Chinatown images from Monday afternoon.  Miscellaneous San Francisco and Presido images to follow tomorrow.  The most interesting snaps pretty much come from the Chinatown alleys.  They are located here.

"Alleyways in Chinatown were created during the early settlement of the Chinese in the late 1870's. During that period, the rapidly-growing community was restricted by anti-Chinese sentiment to a six block area behind the back streets of the Barbary Coast. To maximize space within the confines of its boundary, the community created a maze of secondary streets and pedestrian walkways. Ross Alley is located in the center of this maze. the alley is a narrow passage running between Washington and Jackson Streets. Ross is actually an extension of Spottard Alley in many ways. In the past, both alleyways were infamous as a place for gambling and prostitution. Ross is known as Gau Leuie Sung Hon (Old Spanish Alley) because of the many latins that patronized the area. Today, there are both residences and commercial establishments in densely built-up alleyway which continues to function as a major artery for pedestrians." From the historic marker at the end of Ross Alley

"Ross Alley is the oldest alley in San Francisco. It was known for brothels and gambling." from

The rest of the snaps are here on SmugMug.