Pearl Dive

Another stunner by SO. iPhone to Poladroid to the blog. No review on the place yet, just a snap of the gritty sign — in DC at 14th and Corcoran.  

Now...  as Paul Harvey would say, here is the rest of the story, a serendipitous story it turns out.  Sunday, I was talking to guy, a docent, if they call them that, at Longwood Gardens. I think he was dispatched to tell me about the professional photographic rules, assumed from the equipment, certainly not the photographic income level. Once we established that I was not an artist for hire, the conversation turned interesting and about DC. He tells me his daughter is the pastry chef at Black Salt, a place I have been known to frequent, and that she had taken on additional duties at another one of Black's restaurants, also in DC, somewhere near DuPont. I don't know that he told me the name but we did discuss the the prescence of a Bocci court upstairs. I now know the name, Pearl Dive. Have to check it out. Hope it turns out as good as Black Salt and the sign. Cheers Bill.

BTW, Bill gets around and we were also talking about the traffic jams and the lobsta' rolls at Red's Eats on Route 1 in Wiscasset, ME. 

Pearl Dive — 14th and Corcoran, Washington DC