The High Line - The Chelsea Market Passage

Between 15th and 16th Streets the High Line cuts inside the Chelsea Market Building (nee a Nabisco Bakery). It is called the Chelsea Market Passage.  The western glass wall strikes me as cathedralrithic (no such word of course) in scale and color.  It is dark in the passage, like a cathedral too, so it seemed like a good idea to go with the light rather than fight it — yielding an abstract.  Seems fitting because the High Line is a lot of different things. There is the High Line itself, the paparazzi-like sight lines found no where else, the sense of anonymity, the voyeuristic perspectives on buildings, the people using the place, the Hudson and Hoboken and beyond.

A truly amazing thing, made more amazing because someone thought to keep at least some of this splendid artifact and not cave-in to some "highest and best use".  Can't wait to go back, can't wait for the next chunk to open in the spring, can't wait until it is ultimately completely open.  I have never seen so many people with cameras, so many photographers, this is one truly unique and entrancing place.  I sent someone an email the other day, I confused him a bit by calling the High Line, my kind of Yellowstone.

I just want this one snap to represent the diversity of color, texture, vitality and views on the High Line. The rest of them will find their way to SmugMug.