Art Filters and more: XZ-1

So the XZ-1 has these things called art filters.  Jpegs only — but I am beginning to think the XZ-1 may be the camera that spends most of its time taking jpegs.  I like the look of the Dramatic Filter in the classic Club 2223 snap below. 

So what maybe mostly happens is that jpegs go from the XZ-1 to the Eye-Fi card, through the Sprint Overdrive to the iPad.  Sorted, processed if at all, mailed, etc. right from the iPad.  Ultimately they find their way into Aperture for management.  That is kinda of the reason the camera was added to the portfolio, small, social and SO friendly.

The vision for the yet to come X100 is more planned photography when a smaller device is right, either because of the need or because of the reason for being there.  So... DSLRs when photos are the mission, 5D Mk II for fine art, the 7D for action, the X100 on the street or when photos are ancillary to the main mission and the XZ-1 when photos are completely tangential but complimentary to what ever is going on.