The road less taken

There were roads to the left and to the right — both low roads.  But why choose the low road when the high road is available and unoccupied.  However, footgear other than Alden 6245F Dark Brown Suede is recommended. Ouch!

My superheterodyne iPad app The Photographers Ephemeris calculates the altitude change as exactly 92 feet. So much much for science and automation, clearly an estimate relative to thirty-somethings.

Taken during an Atlas time out on one of the several Boston Harbor Islands that can be driven to, World's End. At the end of Martin's Lane in Hingham, beware pink and green en-route.  Nice spot except for perfect alignment with 4L and 4R at Logan, across the way on some other Harbor Islands.  XZ-1 with EVF, then NIKed. More snaps to follow.

Nantasket Beach from World's End.  Wow, maybe too many layers, lower, upper lower, lower middle, middle...