Public Garden

and one from the Common.  The X100 battery died in Annisquam because it was never fully charged.  That dampened my enthusiasm as I wasn't much interested shooting the 7D.  So two weekends in a row, on trips especially planned for snaps, no juice.  On the way out to Cape Ann, I spotted a Best Buy so I figured I would stop and get yet another 12VDC to 120VAC converters.  Turns out there is a Target next to BBY, so I guess I saved a few bucks.  Anyway, a half hour charge on the way from Danvers to Boston got me a a decent number of attempts in The Public Garden and yielded one from the Common.

I think they were all f/8.0, at ISO 100, Aperture Priority, pretty standard Nashification.  Missed some, seems that the X100 is a bit slow unloading images to the card, maybe it is the RAW + JPEG setting or maybe because the battery was low. Something to explore. Anyway here are some snaps ...

A rather pedestrian shot of an equestrian George Washington at the west entrance for starters

Why ruin a pedestrian roll when you are on one

Hoofin' it on the Lagoon Bridge

Paying the piper (well guitarist)

Short, as in stature, not Bobby

Looks like things have changed since 1848


the one from the Common