America's 911 Ride

Below are links to the Americas's 911 Foundation 2011 Ride snaps. All taken the morning of 8/20/2011 at the Maryland House Rest Area on I95.

Appologies to all those I couldn't photograph and those whom my sexagenarian reflexes caused to be rendered very out-of-focus, especially all those who made some sort of gesture.  In addition to my very suspect reflexes your helmets, visors, windsheilds and at times your speed made getting the shot quite challenging. Photography is for me, a hobby, not a profession and my sports photography skills are a bit rusty. Of the nearly 1,300 photos taken, about 185 made the cut (some of which could be better in the focus department) and found thier way into the galleries. Sorry I couldn't get one of each of you but I hope you will enjoy seeing your fellow riders.

Feel free to download these images for your personal use, several sizes are available including full size images by clicking on the preview image (not the thumbnail but the image that is shown when the thumbnail is clicked). Most of the imges are cropped to 5x7 although some are cropped square and a very few are cropped to 8x10. The time and camera information are available by pressing the [I]nfo button in the context menu that appears when you mouse over the preview photo.

The images are stored on SmugMug — click on the image below to be taken the SmugMug gallery that has the images in the sequence they were taken. Click here to be taken to a gallery that has the images arranged by orientation to make them eaasier to view on rotatable devices like an iPad.

These images are available under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.

Advance man waiting for the Ride