Risky business

In the first snap Peter Ralston is talking to a Vinalhaven lobster fisherman about his near tragic accident the day before. The man fishes alone without a sternman and the day before he was pulled over the side by a trap he was setting. The boat was in gear and motored off. He swam 45 minutes to a ledge where he was finally recused hours later. His boat, the Good 'Nuff, ran around on another ledge and is in the yard for repairs. Apparently one of the lucky, generally overboads perish and are rarely found.

Will post all of the Maine shots to SmugMug in the next day or so.  This post will have the link when they are up. In the mean time there are two galleries here on the blog here and here.

The SmugGalleries all WIP.

Day 1 - Portland

Day 2 - St. George's Penninsula

Day 3 - Rockport Harbor

Day 4 - Penobscot Bay

Day 5 - St. George's Penninsula

Ralston and the Lobsterman

Vinalhaven lobsterman and survivor