Feeling shorter

Already delivered upon return from Hoboken was the SmallHD DP-4.  I have it mounted on the hot shoe of the 5D Mk III.  Got it for two purposes, the first is for serious tilt-shift structure photography ala the upcoming excursion to North Dakota and the second was to change the perspective on hand held shots, particularly on the street. The first, allthough so far mostly simulated hand held (tilted and shifted but not stiched) was pretty much no sweat from the beginning.  The street stuff more of a risk.  Other than the two to three seconds the screen blanks out after a shot, this configuration is great.  Now I finally have the perspective of a short Vivian Maier with a Rollieflex instead of 6'5" me with camera stuck to my face. Less intrusive for the subjects, far better angle of attack and forces a considerably more purposeful approach. And... so far everthing I have taken was with the 45 TS-E, all manual focus!  A bit bulky but not bad on the R-Strap. Been looking to solve this for a while — it causes some equipment asset rethinking but I am wild about the new POV.

5D Mk III, 45 TS-E f/2.8 @ f/8.0 focused with the SmallHD DP-4 mounted in the hot shoe, attached to a Black Rapid R-Strap shot from waist level. Very, very cool.

Unshifted and untilted handheld TS-E 45

This guy is looking past not at me. He is out of focus because they walked into my shot which was unshifted but tilted to get the fence/walls all in focus. Once again completely enamored over the new POV.

Unshifted but tilted TS-E 45

Not yet very speedy, so the left side of this snap is out from the tilt used to deal with the preceeding fence and walls but this HAD to be in with the pink (or whatever the name of that color is) hair. The dog pee on the right is perfectly focused however.

Erroneously tilted TS-E 45

Shifted but really only here becuase of Bertha's paint job!

Untilted, shifted TS-E 45

A bit out on the left but in any case the end of Fells Point for the day.

End of Fells Point