A day at the Labs

The Edison Labs, West Orange, NJ — hard by the Star Tavern, viewable from my 8th grade classroom. Close by to Nash domicles of 20+ years.

Mostly of the main building and really just two floors of that as the top floor is mostly museum-like and glass enclosed.  But the lower floors and the light!  I am guessing it it the windows, embedded wire, and frosted that creates the spectacular light. Handheld only but the NPS has "fences" that are about 3 feet high and have a square tube as the top member, perfect for a tripod substitute. I had the NEX-7 and the flat top surface of the "fence" worked really well with the flip-out LCD on the NEX. I made two passes, the first from bottom to top with the Ziess 24mm f/1.8 (35mm equivelent) mounted with the Carl Ziess Sioftar II filter in front. Then I back-tracked from top to bottom after changing to the Sony 35mm f/1.8 (50mm equivelent). I left the filter off for the second pass.

It was pretty dark so I had to settle for shallower DOFs than I might have prefered to get non-shaky shots even with the image stabilzed 35mm.

Here is one of the snaps, there is a pretty large number, especially since each is in color and B&W (faux platinum), so they are on SmugMug.  Click here or on the snap below to check out the SmugMug gallery.

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