Patapsco State Park and back

Quick drive to Patapsco Stae Park, just downstream from Ellicott City. Was super day, felt like I was a lot younger, maybe six.  Roads are very twisty, combined with the low winter sun surefire recipe for car sickness —amazingly while I was driving.  Avoided rowlf but still...  Grrrrr.  

Not sure what is up with this place, people live in or right along the edges of what I presume is the park. They all live behind clusters of keep out signs. Place is also very desolate and looks like it might flood really badly in hurricanes and Nor'easters. Feels like Tabacco Road just five miles from the B'more Stadia.  Strange.

Several abaonded houses like the one in the snap below.  After I took a few snaps in what feels like a river gorge, I skipped the Ellicot City tourist strip and headed back to town. Mostly to deal with the motion sickness. On to 95 and a stop in at the Museum of Industry parking lot on the south side of the harbor, then a different approach to a favorite venue at the Canco garage in Canton. The showable snaps in a smugmug gallery. Click here or on the snap below to check them out.

All with the A7r, most with the FE 55, the last three Canco garage and the backyard shots with the Canon 70-300L via a Metabones III adapter.