Rumor had it my grandfather had a thing for Packards. I can't verify that as there is no one to ask and by the time I was around he wasn't diriving at all. Anyway at car shows I am attracted to them so when I had the opportunity to pop into the American Packard Museum in Dayton, OH earlier today I grabbed it.

Was outside of Cincinatti with a couple of days of meetings with a client and some potential suppliers.  We knew we were going to end early today and I had shifted to a 5PM flight from Dayton last night. Turned out we ended even earlier than planned and I had a couple of hours to kill. The Dayton airport isn't competitive with Schiphol so I looked for a photo op along the way. The first thing that appeared were some native american mounds. Interesting architectuarlay but not all that much of a thrill photographically. Next up were some NPS sites in Dayton that featureed an odd combination of the Wright Brothers and Paul Lawerence Dunbar, after whom many inner city high schools are named, a big cheese afro-american poet. That didn't much appeal either but lead to the USAF museum at Wright Patterson. I would have settled for that but planes, especially military planes, aren't my favorite either. So as a last stab I did a search on 500px for Dayton and a series of shots of Packards showed up. After a couple of google searches, I had a target. Five bucks to get into what was a Packard dealership with a bunch of cars in two buildings. Plenty of value for the fiver.

As usual the A7r was in my briefcase along with the FE 35 and FE 55. So I walked out through the museum with the 35 mounted, switched to the 55 and walked in. Was great and I still had enough time to do some initial scoring at the gate waiting for the flight. Did some in color initially but the mixed incandescant and daylight was not yeilding great results so I wound up doing them all in B&W.

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 American Packard Museum — Dayton, OH