Sunday morning in Dundalk

Maryland not Ireland. Out and back to Dundalk, before 9AM.  Skinny one way streeets make this a fertile spot. All with the A7r with the Canon FDn 28 f/2.0.  Zone focused at f/8.0.  All from inside Charlotte — easy to manuever early on Sunday morning. Big monitor on the back of the camera makes it easy to get into the right position. Obviously, other streets to work in the afternoon (most streets have one side of the street parking).

Seem to be moving inexorably away from trying to create something for the wall to trying to tell some sort of a story. Not sure what those stories are yet but for sure they won't be posed and it seems like the accompaning snaps will be take with a 28mm lens, if the last month or so is a harbinger.

Stilll focused on structures and strangers, this AM structures this afternoon — strangers. The O's drew a pretty crowd for a non-Yankee or Red Sox game yesterday so counting on the same today. Plan is to walk down to Captain James (see first snap in the gallery) and grab the water taxi to the inner harbor and head from there to the surrounds of Camden Yards and roost — likely along Conway Street or near the light rail and see what I can make of that. Taking one camera (A7r), one big card (64GB), one lens (FDn 28 f/2.0) and several batteries. Thats it.

Lots of snaps from this AM, mostly interested in mid-century venacular residential design (or the lack of it). Usual practice, click here or on the snap below for the rest.