Fire Truck

July Fourth!

Two sessions today. The first, the annual parade in Glyndon, MD, a small named place in Baltimore County. The parade had a few fire trucks, a Model A, a 911T and couple of golf carts.  The rest of the parade was the locals who decided to walk instead of watch. The watchers and marchers being interchangeable. Started at 10AM — was over by 10:10AM. Anyway Glyndon apparently like flag displays so a good chunck of the shots are of the flags on houses (sorry KHH).  

The second session was the usual Baltimore fireworks from the fourth floor porch.  

In either case click on the snaps below to be taken to the smugmug galleries. About 45 Glyndon snaps about 35 for the fireworks.

2013 Glyndon Fourth of July Parade


2013 Baltimore Fourth of July Fireworks