Friends of Patterson Park

FoPP Members Event

So I went the Friends of Patterson Park Members Event and took a a couple of hundred miserable snaps. Wrong seetings, at a minimum, plenty of wrong headed snaps too.  A couple that are halfway decent both from the inside of the Pagoda and a couple of ouside shots.

Patterson Park Pagoda Stairs

Patterson Park Pagoda Stairwell

Bluegrass on the north steps of the Patterson Park Pagoda

Silent auction at the FoPP Members Event

Friends of Patterson Park ...

are having a members event tomorrow night at the Pagoda.  I was asked if I would donate some prints for the silent auction, so there will be two sets of five.  One from Maine the other from Kansas.  This was on short notice so I decided to defer the Baltimore prints, which are more extensive and take more time to select, until the spring

Penobscot Bay, Maine

Cawker City, Kansas, Cars and Trucks