Santa Fe

how do you say rockville pike in spanish...

cerrillos road!  first impresion of santa fe was rockville pike - a 40 shades of brown reincarnation.  this southwestern version of the pike even merits two walmarts between the interstate exit and the hotel. if forewarned is forearmed then i was on the alert. on the alert not to go to the main attraction — the plaza.

i eventually drove through after i had found a different target... when i was kid i had a big tube of interlocking plastic blocks (way before lego hit the scene, the us scene anyway). they were called plastic city if i remember right. i have been po'ed at my mother for at least four and maybe five decades becuase i thought she threw them out. wrong, wrong, was i ever wrong — sorry mom.  obviously, walt disney swiped them and brought them to new mexico and historical disneyized the plaza with them. plastic, disney... heinous!

fortunately, the federal government was unusually helpful today via and the national historic register. the big reveal was a neighboorhood historic district just south of plastic plaza.  perfect.  it is called the Don Gaspar Historic District.  no idea who Don Gasper is/was but the place is full of fabulous bunglows and pueblo revival houses. a few sport something called pen tile, a work product of the inmates at the once nearby NM State Penn. place was awesome, three is the charm, santa fe is now meeting expectations. not to mention the killer light. working small towns between here and taos tomorrow before the workshop starts in the evening.

as is usual practice a click on the snap below will jet you off to a smugmug gallery where a thinly edited pile of snaps awaits. all with the A7r and the Zeiss Loxia 50mm — at f/8 or f/11. profs to CaptureOne for the Kodachrome trickery.