Wingersheek Beech

Cape Ann

well... before the impromptu visit to the Public Garden (see the prior post), I planned a trip to the North Shore of Cape Ann, specifically, Essex, Wingersheek Beach and Annisquam.  The trip was curtailed by the X100 battery running out of juice but not before I got some decent snap candidates.  As it turns out, I think really pretty decent given it was the first real attempt with the camera that just arrived on Friday.

All pretty much f/8.0 at ISO 200 (the minimum) at whatever shutter speed soultion that yielded, all of course at 35mm - standard one-shot Nashification recipe.

Ipswich Bay from the end of Coles Island Road

Dashed transportation in the Annisquam River

Wingersheek Dunes and the Annisquam Light

Through the dunes and on to the light

Mothers Day picnic

The second course

Pretty much the middle of Annisquam

Perhaps the only grit in very polished Annisquam