Edgar checks out the harbor

So the Supik's invited me to a fund raiser for the Poe House at the Creative Alliance last night.  It was run in conjuction with the folks who brew Raven Special Lager.  Mark Supik & Co. make the Raven tap handles and one was on offer via auction.  Turns out in addition to having a great time, Edgar came home with me. This morning I decided to give him a look around from Veranda number four.  

Three shot HDR sandwich, Canon 5D Mark II, 45 2.8L TS-E, ISO 100, f/8.0, bracketed around 1/250, on the Gitzo. FWIW, beer tap handles are the same size and thread as camera tripod mount (who would have guessed) so Edgar is checking out the Baltimore scene from the top of a light stand.

Snap expected to appear shortly on the brewers web site, www.ravenbeer.com.