September of '62

Long, long time ago...  But right here is where I first met Messers Weber and Lowe all of us rising frosh at St. Iggy's, just at the top of the stairs. I haven't been there since December of 1963 and since the indoor-outsoor stuff hadn't been invented yet, or at least commercialized, I know it wasn't there.  The rest looks pretty much the same, although the chain link fence just to left out of the frame seems to be a replacement for what I remember as a rusty old one.  

Lots of rust in Sanford, ME, a town in the mid 1950's that Life Magazine said refused to die.  Well die is realtive, the mill buildings have been vacant for far longer than they were used.  Renewal efforts seem to result in money spent for little value, the bike path/curved parkway/elegant street lamps appears to have delivered little for the $2.2M spent.  

The last snap in the gallery is from Little Ossipee Pond in Waterboro.  Fifty year ago a rope hung from the tree — anti-progress through the use of tax dollars, I guess. For more Sanford area snaps, click here or the snap below.  All taken with the X100.