Footgear diversification

So... the SO, perhaps in honor of National Flip-Flop Day, that being neatly attached behind Bloom's Day, bestowed upon me last night, somewhat belatedly in relation to their actual date of acquisition, a pair of flip-flops, from Vineyard Vines no less, or maybe that should be of course. For a sexagenarian, recieving his first pair ever, this brings back pre-denarian memories of the first pair of ice skates and an equal measure, exacerbated and exponentiated by decades of risk management, of fear of an ER visit in the offing.  A Bloom's Day, Duke Street stop in at Davy Byrnes and a couple of pints would certainly increase the odds.

Well, the web-world does not need to witness the photo taken to memorialize this event, so instead, I offer, an analogous snap, featuring other footgear diversification, taken on Pennsylvania Avenue, in front of the Newseum, last weekend.  Done up in SilverEfex Pro's Film Noir preset. Now that make me feel artsy — as if flip-flops weren't enuf of a paradigm shift.  X100, after being Film Noired — the settings don't much matter.