Mark Supik Co.

Got this incredible invite from my neighbors, Mark and Nancy, to visit their wood turning business. They do architectural wood work and beer taphandles, mostly for emerging breweries.  Mark started the day off with a tour, noting that only one machine in the shop was purchased new — at least one is a centagenarian. I don't have the whole scoop but in the boiler room out back is the studio of an artist who is a friend of Mark's from MICA. I spent a combined two hours in both spaces today, in what was some pretty intense heat. I had long since forgottten that a lot folks work in places that aren't air conditioned. I haven't done it since a summer job when I was 18.

So there were a lot snaps taken, both spaces are pretty dark so I bracketed a bunch of them and the processing includes some that were treated with mild HDR, some with exposure blending and some I just used the best exposed of the bunch. I started out handholding the 45 TS-E, 35 f/1.4, 135 F/2.0, 85 f/1.2 and 70-200 f/2.8 IS. I finished off in both spaces with the 45 TS-E on the tripod.  All were taken with the 5D Mk II. I had the X100 with me but I just stuck with the 5D.

I have processed about most of the snaps and there only a few more to go, there is a large number of them so, only two are posted here, one each from the shop and the boiler room studio and the rest are in galleries. Clicking on the link or the "anchor" snap will take you to the gallery. I plan to add more over the next few days as I get time to do more post processing. (In the galleries click on the first thumbnail to get a full size image — use the symbols to navigate back < and forward >.)

Mark and Nancy also own the incredible Chey truck that has made several appearances on these pages. Their web site is here.

For the shop snaps click here or the snap for the gallery.

For the boiler room studio snaps click here or the snap for the gallery.