Green eggs and ham...

No sam I am not, 'cause this is about something green and something ham — but green hair and prosciutto at Birroteca. The end of todays line, after a visit to the Rawlings Conservatory and spin thru Druid Hill Park. Abstracts from the Conservatory and structures from the park. Structures in color, vivid Fuji Fortia color, delivered via Sony and the A7r VSCO and.  Some in the conservatory with the Canon 100L macro but most with the killer FE 55 f/1.8. Plenty of snow from the other day but a very comfortable sunny and windless 28 outside.  Hot and miserably humid in the Mediterranean (Green) House, couldn't wait to get back outside to my New England-like prefered temperature.

Two galleries on smugmug.  The abstracts can be seen by clicking here and the park structures by clicking here. And, oh, check out the green hair below.

Green Hair at Birroteca