Two more galleries

A combo plan — so I don't set any expectations by having three blog posts in a day. So if you are looking at this becuase you got a blog update notice, check out the next item down as well.  

So after the last post, Loch Raven, &c. it started snowing, so back out with the A7r and the Canon 135 f/2.0 on the Metabones.  Shot wide open on the way out, at f/8.0 on the way back. A twenty-five minute walk to the park and back. Can't resist playing in the snow. Things haven't changed much since the six slid over a digit to the left. The gallery is shown by clicking here or on the christmas tree lights below.

The other gallery is one of those expiramental things — created in lieu of making new snaps yesterday. Saw a blog that had lots of these, by a local who supposedly has some chops, so... despite KHH's dis of the same on Insta, I gave it a shot anyway. For sure will be the subject of considerable dissin' myself. Hah!  So for the seudeo artsy gallery click here or on Domino all the way at the bottom.

Tis the season

Fake real art