Trying to scratch out a few

Yesterday found me incapable of plotting even the most pedestrain location. Some searches for today led to Loch Raven, where I had never been and Susquehanna State Park, where I had but was not too thrilled. Both are near enough to Wawa country to at least provide an alternative agenda — so after making a major big pharma contribuion at CVS, Charlotte was pointed north.

Was looking for ice and ice there was plenty of — unfortunately mostly underfoot and not so marvy for snaps. In the end was able to squeeze out a few despite the genre mostly missing my sweetspot.  A nature guy I am not! The best of the lot are likely the ice on the mill wheel as below. Per now nomal practice the rest are on SmugMug and viewable by a click here or on the item snap.

All with the A7r, some with the FE 55, others with the Canon 70-300 adapted via a Metabones III.

Floss on the mill