The same but different

Once again a same place but differnt from last week. Had intentions to try some street shooting in DC, DuPont, M Street, wherever. Just find it hard to think of shooting strangers on the street in DC — not even Philly action much less Manhattan. Got a late start, traffic cross town in B'more was slow, so said the hell with it and headed closer.  To Ellicott City.

That gym stuff must be working becuase I saw a lot more of the place today, mostly the up part of it. Place is really in a gulch, no wonder it gets hammered with flash floods. Nobody on the streets to speak of so settled for the usual structural stuff. Finished up at Birroteca with a Kale Salad and some other stuff not quite so on the recommended list.

Click here or on the snap to see a bunch in a gallery over at Smugmug.  All with the A7r — travelled very light just the FE 35 and 55. Is nice. All processed with VSCO faux Kodak Gold 200.