Ransom notes

I thought, should I ever need to pen a ransom note, I would need some letters and for sure some numbers. The B&O Museum parking lot seemed a good place to get some. Turned out it is.

After a strong and welcome KHH recommendation, I watched "The Heat" last night via Apple TV.  It was a cop movie with both the FBI and local PD, figured I would certainly need the letter that would most come in handy when dealing with those folks — according the movie.  Got a few versions cause I would will need a lot of them. Hah! Click on the letter snap below or here to see the rest. There are also some abstracts at the end.

A7r — first loop thru the lot with the FE 55. On the rebound the Canon 100L via the Metabones. All processed with VSCO's faux Ektar 100.

 F is the bomb