A walk in the park

On what might appear superficialy to be a crappy day for a walk in the park turns out to be the complete opposite. The rain which is a bad match for a stroll is the perfect compliment for a rugby match. This one facing off Johns Hopkins and Loyola on a partially denuded field made more interesting by a liberal dumping of rain.

These all on the 5D Mk III with the 28 f/2.8 IS ala mode Mel Digiacomo, meaning as close as one can get without going on the field.  Digiacomo would have likely gone on the field but I have the neither the chutzpah nor the photo skills to get away with that.

The risk is to some degree getting hit by a player but since this is college club rugby and not the International the risk is not particularly high. While the risk of getting hit is actually high — the impact is not. The guy below in the color snap missed the tackle but didn't miss me. He well... er...  bounced off. I was left merely with some muddy residue from the contact.

Two galleries, replicas except one is in color the other B&W.  Take your pick. Click on the respective snaps below or here for color and here for B&W.