Look and Feel

Continue to try to find the right look for both B&W and color. Recently took a shot at a different look for B&W and redid a bunch of the Jay Maisel due diligence NYC visit in January 2013. Shot in a different style than it would be today — with the 70-300 on the 5D Mk III with a lot of the now depricated verticals. Look courtesy of a VSCO Film Fuji Neopan 400 emulation variant.

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Star Spangled Weekend snaps reachable from the blog posts below.

and additionally, snaps from the workshop with Maisel.


Holy shit!

The first words out of my mouth and truer words have never been said. While Baltimore does great fireworks, tonites replay of the 1814 repulse of the Brits, was without peer, at least in my experience (and I have seen a fair number of these things) and truely over the top. Five barges, from Fort Mc Henry to the Inner harbor (normally we get two) plus stuff firing off buildings downtown. Simply spectactular.

Two galleries, one with a normal focal length (45mm) from the Sony A7r and a 70-300 on the Canon 5D Mk III. Could have used more cameras, although tonite, the Canon had a mind of its own, choosing settings I didn't know it had. So I couldn't handle two much less five.

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Pow! Bam! Kaboooom!

Oh, as nice as tonite was, today was pretty non-conducive for much of an airshow. Blue Angles on again tomorrow, plus a ton of other stuff in Patterson Park (the Gov and his Irish Band, Navy Sky Divers, ...). So more posts will be forthcomming.

45mm — Ft. Mc Henry on the left70-300mm

First FOPP Concert of 2014

Cable Stine and the Brakemen tonite on Pagoda Hill. Bunch of snaps with the now lightly used 5D Mk III with long lenses. Started out with the 135 f/2 but that didn't last long, the rest with the 70-300 and the 100-400. Very different than the wide angle approach I have been pursuing lately.

Click here or on the snap below to see the gallery — mostly the band along with several stunning dogs.

Big crowd on the hill

A walk in the park

On what might appear superficialy to be a crappy day for a walk in the park turns out to be the complete opposite. The rain which is a bad match for a stroll is the perfect compliment for a rugby match. This one facing off Johns Hopkins and Loyola on a partially denuded field made more interesting by a liberal dumping of rain.

These all on the 5D Mk III with the 28 f/2.8 IS ala mode Mel Digiacomo, meaning as close as one can get without going on the field.  Digiacomo would have likely gone on the field but I have the neither the chutzpah nor the photo skills to get away with that.

The risk is to some degree getting hit by a player but since this is college club rugby and not the International the risk is not particularly high. While the risk of getting hit is actually high — the impact is not. The guy below in the color snap missed the tackle but didn't miss me. He well... er...  bounced off. I was left merely with some muddy residue from the contact.

Two galleries, replicas except one is in color the other B&W.  Take your pick. Click on the respective snaps below or here for color and here for B&W.

Rock around the clock at Harbor East

Tonite.  5D Mk III, nine multiple-exposures, in camera merging. Then Nashificationed. 30x30 gatorfoam mounted print due in mid-week.

Rock around the clock — In camera version

This one merged in Photoshop CC using a old Uwe Steinmueller script implementing an Ellen Anon technique. Provides camera independence. Different Flypaper textures in post processing.

Rock around the clock — Photoshop CC Version

Up and at 'em

lots on the agenda today.  Get to Hoboken, stop in Manhattan for some photo ops on the way, watch the Ravens win and the Skins lose. Day was planned to start at at 4AM, which it actually sort of did but a check of the NYC weather showed snow was supposed to stop by 5AM so no sense rushing for that.  Back in the sack until 6AM, on the road by 6:45. Probably good I delayed two hours the NJTP south of exit 6 was an ice rink with cars in all sorts of places they wern't supposed to be. I am sure the two hour delay made my own passage far less stressful.

Parked on Mulberry and Spring, sort of the ven part of the diagram that would be the Bowery, Little Italy, Soho and Chinatown.  Finished about noon, headed to the W in Hoboken and watched the games, popping off a few snaps before the Ravens and Skins games. Multitasked the games and the images. A big load heading to smugmug, 154 to be exact - that is out of 1200+, since I was bracketing there were really was only a third of that. Click on the snap below to zoom off to the gallery.

For the technically inclined, all with the 5D Mk III, with the only lens I brought with me (70-300L) at 1600 ISO, apertures generally north of f/8.0 with a few maybe at f/5.3.  ISO 1600 you scoff, you wouldn't know unless I told you so. With a 154 of them I think they are pretty damn good. Also becuase there were so many not one saw Photoshop, all done in Lightroom 4.  

For the less technical inclined, being uploaded from the bar at the W in Hoboken whilst a Beefeater Martini, shaken not stirred, with a twist, is being consumed.


Suedo Hopper or Gretchen Dow Simpson or so I would like to think.  Wells Beach. dans le style d'un safari en Afrique.  This is the one shot the whole Maine trip was about, it is much harder than I thought to find vernacluar beach architecture with the enormous number of "cottages" that have now displaced the "first growth" structures.

 Another from Biddeford Pool

Cap'n Lords

My Kennebunkport accomodations.  Second floor front corner, fitiningly wrapping around the utility cables. With the 24 TS-E on the Gitzo.

The penultimate leftmost component of a in-room pano. Colors are going to be challenging, color cast from incandescent, compact flourescent, whatever. Fuax platinum perhaps. BTW, the bed is about as high as my 6'5" navel.

Next door, Cap'n Jefferds