Easter Parade

Long day, lots of snaps, not much curating, in fact none at all. Pretty much nothing more than a contact sheet, and a rather large contact sheet over in the gallery. Easter Parade was a disapointment. More like a circus sideshow than a parade. Not what I had imagined. Completely overrun with amateur photographers all sporting branded neck straps, DSLRs and long zooms, acting like they were doing fashion shoots. Glad I was very stealthy - nay invisible.  Hah!.  A7r and two lenses the 28 and the 55mm. Shouldn't have brought the 55 only used the 28. My crazy shooting into the sun style was a bit flawed and flared today, not sure if it is becuase old lenses (the new old FD 28mm) are more prone to flare than new ones with hi-tech coatings (probably one cause) and both the hoods I have tried so far vignette so I went hoodless (likely exacerbated the coating problem).  

Since the parade was awful, walked through Central Park up to 72nd street, then retraced 5th back to the Library, then sixth, west in the high twenties over to the High Line then back to Penn Station. At least I got a lot of walking in.

Also, need to remember temper getting close and stay out side the minimal focal distance.  Some stuff out-of-focus becuase I am getting too close. Fences being at least one example.

Click here or the snap below to see the galleries - limited distribution becuase most are not going to look through this enormous pile.