New York City

Easter Parade

Long day, lots of snaps, not much curating, in fact none at all. Pretty much nothing more than a contact sheet, and a rather large contact sheet over in the gallery. Easter Parade was a disapointment. More like a circus sideshow than a parade. Not what I had imagined. Completely overrun with amateur photographers all sporting branded neck straps, DSLRs and long zooms, acting like they were doing fashion shoots. Glad I was very stealthy - nay invisible.  Hah!.  A7r and two lenses the 28 and the 55mm. Shouldn't have brought the 55 only used the 28. My crazy shooting into the sun style was a bit flawed and flared today, not sure if it is becuase old lenses (the new old FD 28mm) are more prone to flare than new ones with hi-tech coatings (probably one cause) and both the hoods I have tried so far vignette so I went hoodless (likely exacerbated the coating problem).  

Since the parade was awful, walked through Central Park up to 72nd street, then retraced 5th back to the Library, then sixth, west in the high twenties over to the High Line then back to Penn Station. At least I got a lot of walking in.

Also, need to remember temper getting close and stay out side the minimal focal distance.  Some stuff out-of-focus becuase I am getting too close. Fences being at least one example.

Click here or the snap below to see the galleries - limited distribution becuase most are not going to look through this enormous pile.

Quick trip to NYC

Up late monday afternoon — back down just before 6PM on Tuesday. Two photo opportunities and a client meeting. All the photos with the a7r and the FE 35mm.

First group, right after arriving at the Algonquin, along 44th Street and 5th Avenue from 44 to 54th. The second while they were retrieving Charlotte from valet parking.  Most from Bryant Park, a few from Fifth and a few more from 44th. The rest out Charlotte's open windows and sun roof until the battery quit around 23rd Street. Click on the snaps below to check out the galleries — including several mirrored selfies. Hah!

Rock around 30 rock

Erstwhile Needle Park

Black Friday

So it is Black Friday '11 and another trip to Manhattan. Travelled light with only the X100 and some extra cards and batteries.  First real zone focusing experience — some good results and some misses. Anyway easier and much more stealthy than a DSLR.

Below is first snap posted — although it was among the very last snapped. Many more to follow, plus some more additions to the woodturning gallery from last weekend still to come. The first thiry or so of what will probably be about 150 or so are up in the the first gallery. Click here or on the snap below to zoom off to the gallery.

Thirty Forth Street side of Macy's

90 West

No not 9 West — 90 West Street.  Lower Manhattan, Mansard roof of 23 story 1907 terra cotta, Cass Gilbert designed "skyscraper".  Was HQ for DL&W RR.  Apartments since post 911 renovation.  Taken from 33rd floor elevator lobby of the Downtown Marriott.

90 West Street, NY, NY

NYC via KC and OKC

Had to be in OKC then NYC last week. One shot from KC, the airport, none from OKC, the rest from NYC. All with the 5D Mk II. The KC airport shot with the $25 Holga lens, the rest with the 24 - 70 f/2.8L.

Waiting for a connection — Gate 41, MCI

North River and Jersey City - Rainy afternoonNorth River and Jersey City - Wonderful fall morning

North River and Jersey City - DawnConstruction at the new 1 WTC — to be the tallest in the USConstruction at 2, 3 and 4 WTC

Buttin' off at the NYSE

Statue of Liberty from 17 State Street

Communicating the cadence — Occupy Wall Street