Going formal with a fourteen

Well the 20mm is wide enought left to right but not top to bottom when cropped square. Need a 17 but the only one I have is on a zoom — I am too much of a prime snob to use one of those for this. There are only a couple of workable 17mm choices at the moment for eMount, including adapted, and they are either very pricey or very big. I think the right strategy is to wait until Zeiss says what it is going to do with FE later in the year.

The Canon 14 will do for now with the idea to work on the formal aspects of the snaps. Particularly minding the lines; curb lines, grout lines, fence lines, cable line, power lines, shadow lines any kind of lines but especially those awesome cable and power lines. As it is written, "if you can't fix it — feature it". Although it is more than that with cable and power lines — more like seek them out. No cable or power lines on the street in this neighborhood, they are in the alleys, so the alleys are fertile ground.

From around a little bit of Butcher's Hill's alleys, early this afternoon — plus one from the Canton Dock Area from a late afternoon trip to Harris-Teeter. Click on the snap or here to see the rest. All square, all B&W, all with the A7r and the Canon 14 f/2.8L @ f/11. Turns out the A7r has a grid overlay that provides an interpolatable square - makes it easy to see the frame. Between VSCO Film and Keys in combo with Lightroom's "paste", post processing, including consistent cropping is a snap.

BTW, yesterday's cruise up US 40 to Elkton was pretty much a waste of time and gas. Well maybe not entirely, there is a Wawa in Northeast that mandated a sub stop.

That SoBe look