Orkney B&W — First Pass

Well almost all B&W. One I wanted to show makes no sense as B&W the only reason for it is the colors — so it is in color. One hundred and twenty-four snaps, 107 from the Orkney workshop and 17 from a drive on the north coast of Aberdeenshire, all of those from Sandend which merits a trip back as today's vist was curtailed by a driving rain squal.  

All with the A7r, many with the Nikon 20 and the Canon 14 and 24 tilt-shift. Some with the Canon 45 tilt-shift and a lot fewer with the Sony 35 and 55 eMount lenses. Only perhaps one with the Canon 100L Macro. It seems that I am becoming a wide angle guy.  Some with the tripod, many not, if there was enough light likely handheld unless it required precision like the ceiling and Audi snaps. 

Will post some more from Aberdeen and surrounds before I leave on Tuesday.  Not sure when I will be able to go back through and post the color versions - possibly not until next weekend. Some of the B&Ws need aditional work, expecially, many of the windows in the St. Magnus Cathedral shots need blending with other less exposed images, as the single image versions shown on SmugMug have blown out windows, those will get done down the road as well.

As always click here or on the snap below to see the rest on SmugMug. 

The first night - about 11:15PM