Aberdeen — Fittie, Esplanade and St. Machars

Snaps from Footdee or Fittie (if you wanna know look here), then Esplanade which abuts, then back to Fittie,a short drive to Old Aberdeen (site of the University) and St. Machar's Cathedral. Quick peak inside St. Machar's didn't look promising so just the outside.  St. Machars in B&W (because color didn't work) and Fittie and Esplanade in color (because B&W would be criminal). St. Machar's with the Canon 24 TS-E, everything else with the Nikon 20.

Once again contact sheet curation, resulting in 205 snaps between the galleries, 160 in color and 45 in B&W. Not so sure about the post processing as they were all done rapidly this afternoon, which even for me was a large number of snaps to run through.  Started out with 414 so only boiled down to just about half.

Click the snaps below and head off to the color (Fittie and Esplanade) and B&W (St. Machar's) galleries respectively — both images chosen because they are square which is the best aspect ratio for the blog format. The Fittie snaps start out slow but really get rolling after a while. Oh and finally, don't expect to see these colors on residences anywhere else in Scotland, where the paint palette is composed of 40 shades — of shit brown.

BTW, this is the second blog item posted in as many days, the Orkney gallery is linked to the last item, see below.

Fittie reflection

Across from St. Machar's @ Tillydrone House