the high road to taos

i drove the high rode to taos today. some photos on the way up at chimayo, cordova and truchas. the taos pueblo was closed to visitors for sacred celebrations. skipped taos itself. the church has been done by everone. i presume they also patronized every candle shop in town while they were there. sunday traffic in taos is just as jammed up up as trafic in santa fe. would hvae been better to skip and headed straight for the Classical Gas Museum in embudo. what a place and free. talked to the owner/curator but didnt have the nerve to ask how he funds the place. i hope he has some renewable private energy source. the place looks like luna park inside.  

so so day, ready to head inside and switch gears to portraits in the am. all todays snaps with the A7r.  the ouside shots mostly with the Loxia 50, a couple with a 35mm and the museum inside shots with the metabones adapted Canon 24 TS-E. Once again faux Kodachrome color by CaptureOne.

click on my first and likely only ever cat snap to see the gallery. this is the second of the santa fe galleries. the first is acessible from the blog item immediately below.