24 TS-E

the high road to taos

i drove the high rode to taos today. some photos on the way up at chimayo, cordova and truchas. the taos pueblo was closed to visitors for sacred celebrations. skipped taos itself. the church has been done by everone. i presume they also patronized every candle shop in town while they were there. sunday traffic in taos is just as jammed up up as trafic in santa fe. would hvae been better to skip and headed straight for the Classical Gas Museum in embudo. what a place and free. talked to the owner/curator but didnt have the nerve to ask how he funds the place. i hope he has some renewable private energy source. the place looks like luna park inside.  

so so day, ready to head inside and switch gears to portraits in the am. all todays snaps with the A7r.  the ouside shots mostly with the Loxia 50, a couple with a 35mm and the museum inside shots with the metabones adapted Canon 24 TS-E. Once again faux Kodachrome color by CaptureOne.

click on my first and likely only ever cat snap to see the gallery. this is the second of the santa fe galleries. the first is acessible from the blog item immediately below.

End of the long weekend

Wanted some snaps to compliment the St. Magnus, Kirkwall ceiling shot.  Washington Photo Safari had an event today at the National Shrine in DC, so off I went. Got the two shots I wanted, botched a wider attempt at both becuase of the need to get out of the aisle fast. Anyway, a sucess vis-a-vis the original objective.  Wasn't much else that interested, kinda skipped the gift shop and the cafe, so worked some lines and a few Friedlanderesque shots that won't make Sister Anita James happy. As I recall that wasn't much of a regular occurance anyhow. And, hey, that is what it really looks like, the first glance from the official parking lot exit — right on the way from all of the coaches (buses).

All with the A7r and either the Canon 24 TS-E or the Canon 14. I guess I am pretty much a wide-angle guy these days, in fact probably a low-angle, wide-angle guy.

To zoom off to the rest of the snaps, click on the faux Friedlander below.

The National Shrine ala Lee Freidlander

Aberdeen — Fittie, Esplanade and St. Machars

Snaps from Footdee or Fittie (if you wanna know look here), then Esplanade which abuts, then back to Fittie,a short drive to Old Aberdeen (site of the University) and St. Machar's Cathedral. Quick peak inside St. Machar's didn't look promising so just the outside.  St. Machars in B&W (because color didn't work) and Fittie and Esplanade in color (because B&W would be criminal). St. Machar's with the Canon 24 TS-E, everything else with the Nikon 20.

Once again contact sheet curation, resulting in 205 snaps between the galleries, 160 in color and 45 in B&W. Not so sure about the post processing as they were all done rapidly this afternoon, which even for me was a large number of snaps to run through.  Started out with 414 so only boiled down to just about half.

Click the snaps below and head off to the color (Fittie and Esplanade) and B&W (St. Machar's) galleries respectively — both images chosen because they are square which is the best aspect ratio for the blog format. The Fittie snaps start out slow but really get rolling after a while. Oh and finally, don't expect to see these colors on residences anywhere else in Scotland, where the paint palette is composed of 40 shades — of shit brown.

BTW, this is the second blog item posted in as many days, the Orkney gallery is linked to the last item, see below.

Fittie reflection

Across from St. Machar's @ Tillydrone House

Quoting the Boss...

"Fifteen miles on the Erie Canal". Likely fifiteen miles more or less east and west from Fultonville, NY.  Fort Hunter in the east and Herkimer in the west. In conjunction with Tillman Crane's annual photo retreat. Previously in the Delaware Water Gap in New Jersey, at least for this year, centered in Johnstown, NY.

Featured locations were the Schoharie Aquaduct and two churches, Herkimer Reformed Church and Palantine Lutheran Church. Didn't much like Palatine Church outcome so no snaps from there are shown (well the tractor is from out back). Between Herkimer and Palatine is, for lack of a better name, the 1769 church. No access but some good results through the windows.

The snap below is from Herkimer Reformed Church, it is in black and white and is the only one so presented. It, in particular, didn't look good in color so it didn't make the gallery, which are all in color. The last few galleries have all been black and white, so it is time to put some different spin on the ball. Color courtesy of VSCO Agfa Vista 100 emulation, pretty much all the cool or cool+ varients. Everything shot with the A7r using the Canon 24 Tilt-Shift.

Click here or on the snap below to see galley snaps.

Herkimer Reformed Church — Herkimer, NY

Cap'n Lords

My Kennebunkport accomodations.  Second floor front corner, fitiningly wrapping around the utility cables. With the 24 TS-E on the Gitzo.

The penultimate leftmost component of a in-room pano. Colors are going to be challenging, color cast from incandescent, compact flourescent, whatever. Fuax platinum perhaps. BTW, the bed is about as high as my 6'5" navel.

Next door, Cap'n Jefferds

Good start in ND

The green isn't for that ND. This the other ND — the one that beats the Indiana ND in hockey every year. Pretty happy with this snap from the first day of the Tillman Crane Structures Workshop. 

Five shot bracket, over 5 stops, windows would have been blown out otherwise.  Sandwiched with Phototmatix Fusion.  5D MkIII @ ISO 200, f/11.0, bracketed around 4/10, 24mm TS-E. Focus assist via SmallHD DP-4. 

Die neue schwarz Foto Wagen

took up residence in the garage. Got to test my patience dealing with the inconsistent and attitudenous personnel at the MD MVA, then I got to use my negotiating skills and the iPad to create a personal rather than a client benefit stream. Anyway black over tan E350, the putative and presumptive bucket mobile. No brats with driving privlegdges on this one and sticker free too... 

I do have to wonder why they have cops with guns at the MVA.  There was more than $1M of inventopry on the dealers floor — didn't see no cops with guns there.  I think I would rather stick up the MVA, for drivers license fees.  Hah! Someone needs better target marketing. Maybe has to with attitudenous, just maybe. Your government at work. REMAINDER REDACTED, ed.

A libertarian Foto Wagon, just perhaps.

The rental 24 TS-E on the 5D MkIII. Some high for me ISO.

Rain delay...

at Camdem Yards for the Orioles and the Rangers.  Not so different two miles or so to the east.  Quick flat-stitched pano with the complete ND configuration including the Lens Rental 24 TS-E. The thing feels like it coists what it does. Took off the 45 TS-E to mount it — no comaprison, might be why it is twice the price.

Three portrait snaps, cropped 12x5.