Fourth of July

Glyndon, MD — 4th of July

Went back to Glyndon again for the annual seven minute Fourth of July Parade.  Three fire trucks, three cars (a 20's ish antique, a minimoke and a 911T Targa - lots of diversity) three golf carts and then what looks to be half of the town with the kids on bikes and the adults walking their dogs.  The other half of the town is sittiing on their front lawn taking it all in.  Hah!

The increasing disdain for telephoto lenses meant the 5D Mk III and all of the longer stuff stayed at home. Took the A7r with the Nikon 20 mounted and the Zeiss 55 in a pouch. Shot it all with the 20, not such a good idea, really need some fore/middle/background interest to make the wide-angle work and so it didn't.  

The images I am willing to show are all, except for one, snaps of structures and mostly those I saw on the way out, I guess it took a while to get warmed up — the inbound structures snaps were as bad as the parade images. All with the A7r and the Nikon 20 f/f2.8 AIs at f/8.0 all converted to VSCO faux Tri-X 400.

The snap below likely the best of the lot, on Bultler Road in town.  Click here or on the snap below to see the rest on smugmug.

PS. Just noticed this snap wears a serial number of 30257. It was close to but not the last of the AM - that means over 30,000 snaps with the A7r since it arrived on December 3rd of last year. Hmmm, quite a lot of practice in a relatively short period of time