Dark and wide

Getting dark on the way back, swapped the 100 macro for the 35 f/1.4.  B&W on most to kil the street lamp color cast

Pirate Ally — next to Faulkner's

Pirate Ally — including Faulkner'sThe church - St. Louis Cathedral

... the drummer played on

Barber behind the Monteleone

From behind - again

Garage on Iberville

Five and dime — wide this time

It's a Schwinn

Corner of Chartres and Wilkinson Streets, NOLA.  5D Mk III, 100 Macro, ISO 2500 f/8.0 @ 1/100.  More from NOLA soon, perhaps even from onboard the return.

Techo wonder. Posted from 35,000' over Dan Z. in Greenville, SC. All with the 100 Macro, the snaps on the way back with the 35 f/1.4 TBD.

From behind

Mixed Message

Simple message - Bourbon Street

Perennial Favorite — 619 Chartres Street

Five and Dime