Some Oban

High eighties a couple of days ago — high forties today and a bit raw in the late afternoon. Some snaps followed by a stop in Salt for some Oban to drive away the chill.

At the moment heavily influenced by Frielander's Sticks and Stones.  Maybe not so completely because were are some color snaps harvested today. Well given the technology they are all color until they are made B&W. So two galleries one color one B&W.  Some in both, some only in one. The on-the-way-back snaps all in B&W as the street lights here are awful — LED versions on the way.

All with the A7r and the new/old Canon FD 28mm f/2.0 refurbed and converted to EF by Eddie the Lens Doctor in Scotland. Attached to the A7r thru the Metabones III. Much better manual focus solution than the EF 28 f/2.8 IS it relegates to use only the on the 5D Mk III.  Click on the images below to see the rest in the smugmug galleries.

Protect your kettle


Structures and strangers — finally hanging...

On Saturday a crew of Nashettes and the Atkins hung the show at Salt.  All the extra help was much apprreciated after an unplanned visit to a local cath lab and couple of hospital night sleep overs during the week. Only one missfire, because of its size we wern't able to hang the five+ foot wide Pancake Breakfast, the catalog cover shot.  It was replaced with ZCBJ Lodge #298 — Box Butte County, NE (2006) — see the bottom of the post.

The opening was fabulous with Salt doing the wine and cheese and maybe as many as 100 attendees — it was pretty steady from 3:30 up until about 6:00PM. Many thanks to Jane, Jason, Paco and the entire Salt staff. Eric Zygmont covered the event for the Baltimore Guide.

Here are couple of shots by KHH and her always present iPhone.  The ugly one, the last one is of course mine.

A loose artists proof — KHH

TRN from behind - KHHThe show catalog.  It is gorgeous, we are selling copies of it for $50.  Slideshow version here at Vimeo.

The Show Catalog - JEN

We sold a bunch of stuff.  Here is the deal:

All sales of photographs are transacted with Friends of Patterson Park (FOPP) and may be eligible for a tax deduction. Salt will accept payment and and ensure 100% of the funds get to FOPP.

The photographs are part of a “Salt Tavern Limited Edition” which is limited to three prints of each photograph at each offered size.  All photographs are signed and numbered by the artist “au verso” on the rear of the print.  At the buyers discretion unframed prints may also be signed in the lower right front below the print itself.

All photographs are printed, using an Epson 4900 Printer and Ultrachrome HDR Ink on Epson “Signature Worthy” Hot Press Natural Fine Art Paper.  The artist personally printed each print.  When displayed using conservation materials, prints made with this ink and paper combination can be expected to not noticeably fade or change color balance for approximately 100 years.  A certificate of authenticity will be provided with each print.

The prints on display are each numbered #1 and were framed by the artist using Nielsen Bainbridge Profile 97 Aluminum moldings.  Each frame contains a back mat of 4 ply museum board; the front mat is either 4 or 8 ply museum board depending on the size of the print.  The frame also contains a conservation-grade backing sheet.  The backing sheet is foam core in the 16 in x 20 in frames and museum board in the 24 in x 32 in frames.  The 16 in x 20 in frames are glazed with Tru Vue® Conservation Reflection Control Glass (Conservation), the 24 in x 32 in frames are glazed with Tru Vue® Anti-Reflection Glass (AR).  Regardless of size the all frames have a Tyvek dust cover installed.

Prints numbered #2 and #3 will be delivered unmated and unframed in a clear conservation bag. 

10 in x 14 in framed (#1) are $275, unframed (#s 2 and 3) are $200

16.25 in x 24.25 in framed (#1) are $475, unframed (#s 2 and 3) are $400.  The large images are also avaiable unframed in 10 in x 14 in (#s 1, 2 and 3).

Unframed prints maybe signed on the front in the border by the artist at the buyers request.  This signature can be revealed or hidden at the buyers discretion when they have the print framed.

Unframed prints can be delivered within one week of purchase.  We ask that the buyers of the framed prints allow them to stay on display until the end of the show to encourage sale of the unframed prints and the creation of larger benefit stream to FOPP.

ZCBJ Lodge #298 — Box Butte County, NE (2006)

Salt Exhibition

Well a year along now and zooming up upon the the exhibition in March at Salt. The almost final choices have been made, as the video and floor plan get socialized I might tune it a bit more but production will start on February 2nd. There will be 20 prints on display 17 @ 10x14, 2 @20x30 and 1 @ 23x55. ALL proceeds (yes that means gross revenues) will find thier way to Friends of Patterson Park.

Slideshow of the current portfolio on Vimeo or click the Salt snap below.



Drunk man walking

Not drunk but camera on manual focus.  Anyway corner of Pratt and Collington Streets, outside of Salt.

Oh! Almost forgot first blog post with the 5D Mk III, produces really nice snaps.  This with the 35 1.4L at f/1.4 and ISO 4000.  Not sure what it is but they are just better looking than the 5D Mk II. Never would have considered ISO 4000 with the Mk II.

Black, white, like salt of course...

with an occasional splash of pink.  All from Salt, some by me, most by SO, all in squares, black and white squares, like a New England front hall, all with the XZ-1...

Now with valet parking?  Hah! Not likely.

On deck

Paco creates some concotion

Darren (the Murphy doppelgänger) preps a Silver Bullet

Iconic abscence

Waiter, waiting... patiently

Deal doer?

Sputnik POV

 Stoly alley

There is a one bullet limit

For Murphy

Tongue tied

The party's over

On the stoop

Looking across Pratt along Collington

Alas the evening ends