There are gates...

that are generally closed right where I am standing to take this snap.  On the way back from DC yesterday, I noticed they were open — I noticed because someone was taking a similar shot. On the way to Lowes on a paint buying spree this AM, they were still open and someone else was taking the same shot. On the way back from Lowes, I got over my reluctance to be a copy cat, and took a three shot series.

This, the USNS Fisher is one of three (was four not too long ago) similar Military Sea Lift Command Ships berthed in Baltimore.  There were two berthed side by side here on Clinton Street.  There still are two at Locust Point, although I think they all shifted positions when the fourth departed.  There are 11 of these Bob Hope-class Roll-On, Roll-Off vehicle cargo ships.  More info here.

X100 bracketed around 1/125, ISO 400, f/8.0.  HDR Efex Pro and the normal Color Efex Pro Nashification.