HDR Efex


Cellblock Thirteen, Eastern State Pennitentiary, Philadephia, PA.  The "Punishment Cellblock" — like the others aren't punishment enough.  The camera sees in the dark better than I do so these snapw were pretty much aim it and hope.  

It has pretty much much being a printing party since the new Epson 4900 arrived on Thursday, so I though it would be a good idea to curtail the paper consumption with a quick trip to Philly and the Eastern State Pennitenitiary. It has been cloudy and raining for the last couple of days so the light was good low contrast stuff. This is the third visit for me, prior visits were in August 2006 and March 2010.  I don't recall having seen Cellblock Thirteen before.

First snap shown taken mounted on the Gitzo, 5D MkII with the 24-70 2.8L at f/8.0, ISO 200 at 24mm with a pair of three shot brackets with +2ev exposure comp applied on the second series, I think, it could have been -2ev on the first bracket. Combined in HDR Efex Pro and finished in Color Efex 3.

As usual there were a lot of snaps, click here or either of the snaps to see the gallery.

Same as above except only one three shot bracket at 60mm.

Lamont Cranston

Lamont Cranston?  Is he related to (Tommy) Lamont DuPont, maybe he is the founder of Cranston, RI or perhaps the patron of Harvard's Lamont Libray or maybe the leader of the band, or the father of the erstwhile CT senatorial candidate or his brother — once of the Hilltop and now of the Circle?  Nah, none of these, he is the classic pulp superhero, The Shadow.  The Shadow as in "Who know what evil lurks in the heart of men? The Shadow knows!". Five from the dark side of the dark side in the Old Idaho Pennitentiary, Boise, ID — August 2006.

First and last two from a multi-shot brackets on the original 5D, mounted on the Gitzo. Dramatic, like Lamont himself, B&W conversion on top of a mild HDR sandwich.

"The weed of crime bears bitter fruit. Crime does not pay... The Shadow knows!"

A couple of more

The flagship snap


shopping days until Christmas.  Reprocessed snap from in front of the flagship Saks store on Fifth Avenue on Black Friday 2011.  Should probably make that trip again in 2012.   All with HDR Efex Pro, with darkened, de-structurfed, de-contrasted Granny's Attic preset applied to the background masked off the subject, further finishing with Color Efex 3. Suggested by Nik webinar.

A couple of blocks up Fifth.

The other side of the Avenue.

Rock Center

Remember me to Herald Square!

20 minutes after sunrise...

Heading back to the Marriott, 6:58AM on the Hertz rental's clock — 91 degrees on the thermometer.  It is going be hot here in OKC today. Going to be?  It isn't even 7:00AM yet and it is already hot. Reason for the trip isn't until this afternoon so out early for a few sunrise snaps at Stockyard City.  The first flight mosly of the Cattlemen's Cafe and Restaurant. (In)famous for its "Lamb Fries".

All with the X100, bracketed, HDR Efex Pro. Click here or on the sanp below for the rest.

Paging Mr. Brown

Mr Dan Brown. Mr. Dan Brown please. There is enough symbolism in this shot to be the cover shot on your next book. Snapped this AM at the National Building Museum, lots more to come I suspect. Right to a gallery when they are ready.

Fuji X100, three shot bracket off of 1/30, f/6.4, auto ISO (640, 1250, 2500) and of course at 35mm. Mild HDR with HDR Efex Pro (Odell's Natural Exterior 3).

Click here or on the snap below to see the rest in the gallery.

Old device, new software

Shot April with a Canon 10D, post processed with HDR EFex and Silver Efex Pro II.  Old bottle new win, something like that. The 10D pressed into service after the 5D Mk II and 7D battery fiasco.  Anyway a two shot HD at Carrie Furnace in Rankin.  Was a three shot attempt but the bright one is blurred was at 1/6 of a second. ISO 800, f2.8 with 70 - 200 IS @ 70mm.

Yet one more...

from Veranda #4.  Different approach for this one though — 5d Mk II, in portrait orientation with RRS L Bracket on the floor.  Three shot exposure bracket around 1/60 @ f/16.0 and 17mm with the 17-40mm f/4L. HDR Efex and Silver Efex.  Basically something to do between the LAX games and the Colonial going on.  Bit of a dilemma in the the last LAX quarter finals — why can't both Duke and ND lose?

Open house...

on the N.S. Savannah, the first and only nuclear powered US Merchant Vessel.  Berthed at Pier 13 in the Canton Marine Terminal in Baltimore Harbor. Built in the '50s and filled with a lot of period artifacts, which I found as much or more interesting than the ship itself.  All with X100, a number of shots didn't work out as I am not completely comfortable with the camera yet and conditions were generally really dark inside and really bright outside.  Almost all were taken bracketed, although because of the wind the outside shots were generally processed as a single image, the inside ones are all done generally as strong HDRs to emphasize the period.

First, and maybe a little reminiscent of the Eastern State Penitentiary barber chair, Beauty shop I.

Beauty shop II

Dining room I

Dining room II

Main Galley I

Main Galley II


Officer's mess

Passenger stateroom

Crew ladder

Engine room with the Control room beyond

On the Bridge

Gotta love the idea of sailing around in a nuke with a bunch of electro-mechanical controls and filling up those gigantic ashtrays with one pack of Lucky's after another.  Maybe this wine was a little before its time

Sparkling morning

After a week of pretty rainy weather, apparently worse further up the east coast, Saturday dawned rather brightly over the harbor.  This snap from about 6:35AM a precursor to what is forecasted to be a pretty nice day. This has to mark the last post of a Veranda # 4 shot for a while — more than a little repetitive over the last few days.  Perhaps due to the lack of mobility from being somewhat under the weather.

It is National Maritime Day and the N.S. Savannah is open for tours today, so that will occupy at least part of the middle of the day.  Snaps latter.

X100, three shot bracket, HDR Efex.

Planned Pano

So this is a better prepped pano.  5D Mk II, 45mm TS-E with some plus shift applied. Thirty nine shots, thirteen frames each bracketed with three images then combined using HDR Efex pro. Stitching in Photoshop CS5 as Panorama Factory kept running out of memory. This thing is big, just under 7' x 1.5' — I wonder if I will ever try to print it, I could and then what.  The mounting fees would be astronomical.

Anyway, Canon 5D Mk II, 45mm TS-E, HDR Efex, CS5 Photomerge and the usual Nashification recipe.  The B&W Version via Silver Efex Pro.

Panorama from Veranda #4

Haven't tried one of these in ages.  A real quick attempt with the X100 @ f/8.0 and ISO 200, unfortunately I can only reliably clamp the X100 to the Gitzo in landscape mode, not portrait. Six stitched images, each a three shot HDR bracket.  Some stitching problems with some ghosting in the distant buildings. Will try again with the 5D Mk II, with a RRS L Bracket, in portrait orientation with the 45mm TS-E.  I suspect that will be without any stitching problems.  Panorama creation using Panorama Factory from Smoky City Software.  Actual size at 300 dpi is 47 x 8.25".  Lacks height, that is why portrait orientation for the next one.

There are gates...

that are generally closed right where I am standing to take this snap.  On the way back from DC yesterday, I noticed they were open — I noticed because someone was taking a similar shot. On the way to Lowes on a paint buying spree this AM, they were still open and someone else was taking the same shot. On the way back from Lowes, I got over my reluctance to be a copy cat, and took a three shot series.

This, the USNS Fisher is one of three (was four not too long ago) similar Military Sea Lift Command Ships berthed in Baltimore.  There were two berthed side by side here on Clinton Street.  There still are two at Locust Point, although I think they all shifted positions when the fourth departed.  There are 11 of these Bob Hope-class Roll-On, Roll-Off vehicle cargo ships.  More info here.

X100 bracketed around 1/125, ISO 400, f/8.0.  HDR Efex Pro and the normal Color Efex Pro Nashification.

Stormy Weather

no Lena Horne, just some late crummy wether rolling in, in the late afternoon.  Shot from veranda #4, with the X100 and the wrong aperture at f/2.0 producing the out-of-focus condition on the railing.  Three shot HDR sandwiches.

Just for fun and to see if the new 16GB SanDisk Extreme Pro 45MB/s is better than the 8GB SanDisk Extreme 30MB/s card.  Seems like it dumps the three bracketed RAW + jpeg images a bit faster.