Open house...

on the N.S. Savannah, the first and only nuclear powered US Merchant Vessel.  Berthed at Pier 13 in the Canton Marine Terminal in Baltimore Harbor. Built in the '50s and filled with a lot of period artifacts, which I found as much or more interesting than the ship itself.  All with X100, a number of shots didn't work out as I am not completely comfortable with the camera yet and conditions were generally really dark inside and really bright outside.  Almost all were taken bracketed, although because of the wind the outside shots were generally processed as a single image, the inside ones are all done generally as strong HDRs to emphasize the period.

First, and maybe a little reminiscent of the Eastern State Penitentiary barber chair, Beauty shop I.

Beauty shop II

Dining room I

Dining room II

Main Galley I

Main Galley II


Officer's mess

Passenger stateroom

Crew ladder

Engine room with the Control room beyond

On the Bridge

Gotta love the idea of sailing around in a nuke with a bunch of electro-mechanical controls and filling up those gigantic ashtrays with one pack of Lucky's after another.  Maybe this wine was a little before its time