On the Waterfront

Hoboken has alleys too. 5D Mk III, five Photmatix exposure fused bracketed snaps with the 35 f/1.4L at f/8.0. More than the old three snap bracket — big improvement over the Mk II.

One of the last snaps from a walk last night.  More to follow in the next post or two. BTW, didn't happen to spot Marlon (Brando) or Eva (Marie Saint).

Enough converging diagonal lines in this one — all leading the eye inexorably to the light at the end of the Alley. (Hah, such BS). Hmm, end of the alley, end of the tunnel.  OTWF ca 1954, Bien Bien Phu, spring 1954. Then Brando in Apoclypse Now.