Up and at 'em

lots on the agenda today.  Get to Hoboken, stop in Manhattan for some photo ops on the way, watch the Ravens win and the Skins lose. Day was planned to start at at 4AM, which it actually sort of did but a check of the NYC weather showed snow was supposed to stop by 5AM so no sense rushing for that.  Back in the sack until 6AM, on the road by 6:45. Probably good I delayed two hours the NJTP south of exit 6 was an ice rink with cars in all sorts of places they wern't supposed to be. I am sure the two hour delay made my own passage far less stressful.

Parked on Mulberry and Spring, sort of the ven part of the diagram that would be the Bowery, Little Italy, Soho and Chinatown.  Finished about noon, headed to the W in Hoboken and watched the games, popping off a few snaps before the Ravens and Skins games. Multitasked the games and the images. A big load heading to smugmug, 154 to be exact - that is out of 1200+, since I was bracketing there were really was only a third of that. Click on the snap below to zoom off to the gallery.

For the technically inclined, all with the 5D Mk III, with the only lens I brought with me (70-300L) at 1600 ISO, apertures generally north of f/8.0 with a few maybe at f/5.3.  ISO 1600 you scoff, you wouldn't know unless I told you so. With a 154 of them I think they are pretty damn good. Also becuase there were so many not one saw Photoshop, all done in Lightroom 4.  

For the less technical inclined, being uploaded from the bar at the W in Hoboken whilst a Beefeater Martini, shaken not stirred, with a twist, is being consumed.

On the Waterfront

Hoboken has alleys too. 5D Mk III, five Photmatix exposure fused bracketed snaps with the 35 f/1.4L at f/8.0. More than the old three snap bracket — big improvement over the Mk II.

One of the last snaps from a walk last night.  More to follow in the next post or two. BTW, didn't happen to spot Marlon (Brando) or Eva (Marie Saint).

Enough converging diagonal lines in this one — all leading the eye inexorably to the light at the end of the Alley. (Hah, such BS). Hmm, end of the alley, end of the tunnel.  OTWF ca 1954, Bien Bien Phu, spring 1954. Then Brando in Apoclypse Now.

Return with me now to those great days of yesteryear...

No not the Lone Ranger but the Erie Lackawanna Terminal in Hoboken. Ferry rides to Manhattan in the 50's and early 60's. Commuting with NJ Transit and PATH in the 70's and 80's. Haven't been in the place since at least 1988. Been redone, maybe a couple of times, not completely devoid of patina, but still very diferent. The Rail Head Bar, purveyors of fine hot dogs and Balentine Ale is still there minus more than a few layers of grit, grunge and grease and alas no more Bally Ale. Yesterday's dogs wern't bad and as another customer said, the mustard packs a bit of a punch.  

Spent a lot of time in this place especially after the all too often just missing the 7:00PM Boonton Line local and having to hang around for the 8:20 or missing the 8:20 and waiting for the 10:00PM.  

"8:20 Boonton Line local making all stops between Rowe Street and Lincoln Park, Allllll Abooooord".  Seems like only yesterday.

E-L Hoboken Terminal - Ticket Windows

Other than the trains themselves the most import parts of the terminal — the excuse lines and the beer recycling facility.

E-L Terminal - Mission Critical Facilities

Apparently still an important way point on the party circuit!

Track 12 - The powers to be think they are clever, libertarians unite.Seen from the High-Line

E-L Hoboken Terminal - From the High-Line in mid-Manhattan