B&O Museum

Ransom notes

I thought, should I ever need to pen a ransom note, I would need some letters and for sure some numbers. The B&O Museum parking lot seemed a good place to get some. Turned out it is.

After a strong and welcome KHH recommendation, I watched "The Heat" last night via Apple TV.  It was a cop movie with both the FBI and local PD, figured I would certainly need the letter that would most come in handy when dealing with those folks — according the movie.  Got a few versions cause I would will need a lot of them. Hah! Click on the letter snap below or here to see the rest. There are also some abstracts at the end.

A7r — first loop thru the lot with the FE 55. On the rebound the Canon 100L via the Metabones. All processed with VSCO's faux Ektar 100.

 F is the bomb


first HDR shot with the X100.  Image reflects a modern technique and a new instrument and the need to always, no matter what, look forward.  No rear view mirrors, just windshields and headlights.  Pierce the darkness, overcome the hurdles and the hurdle makers.  Onward.

A Berkshire (2-8-4) in the B&O Museum Parking Lot, taken today en-route from Boston via BWI to home. X100, three shots bracketed around 1/120, f/2.0.  HDR and Silver Efex Pro.

More B&O

B&O Streamlined Hudson.  Sole surviver of four Chesapeake & Ohio streamlined Hudsons (4-6-4). Painted yellow ergo called "Yellowbellies".  Snapped in North Car Shop in December '09.  5D Mark II, 85mm f/1.2L II @ f/1.2, ISO 800, 1/400.