End of the long weekend

Wanted some snaps to compliment the St. Magnus, Kirkwall ceiling shot.  Washington Photo Safari had an event today at the National Shrine in DC, so off I went. Got the two shots I wanted, botched a wider attempt at both becuase of the need to get out of the aisle fast. Anyway, a sucess vis-a-vis the original objective.  Wasn't much else that interested, kinda skipped the gift shop and the cafe, so worked some lines and a few Friedlanderesque shots that won't make Sister Anita James happy. As I recall that wasn't much of a regular occurance anyhow. And, hey, that is what it really looks like, the first glance from the official parking lot exit — right on the way from all of the coaches (buses).

All with the A7r and either the Canon 24 TS-E or the Canon 14. I guess I am pretty much a wide-angle guy these days, in fact probably a low-angle, wide-angle guy.

To zoom off to the rest of the snaps, click on the faux Friedlander below.

The National Shrine ala Lee Freidlander