Cawker City

A "city" on US 24 in the middle of Kansas — 1999 population 595.  Home to the "World's Largest Ball of Twine". Missed that but found this, among others.  Lots more to post from todays traverse of Kansas from west to east — mostly on US 24.



So more from Cawker City, the home of Detritus Motors.

First one way...

then the other.








One more.

and then some more...



Truck, redux

Saturday, camerafied for a local walk, out the garage, into the alley and surprise, the Supik's fab '53 Chevy One Ton Panel truck is out and in the alley.

Thought that these might look good using the very popular "black crush" technique used in the 2007 film 300. Seems to be effective in minimizing the impact of the mid-day shadows in the alley.  Tiffs exported to Flare for the 300 effect as it produces better looking output than the Aperture presets and Photoshop actions.

Long in the tooth

I was on my way home from retrieving my 2004 Jeep Grand Cherokee from the dealers service department thinking it was getting long in the tooth with about 115k miles on it when I saw my neighbors delivery truck parked across the street from his house. It is a 1953 Chevy One Ton Panel truck and quite a big longer in the tooth than my Jeep. It is normaly in a nearby garage so this was a real treat --- so out came the camera.

The rest of the snaps are, as usual, here. All taken with the 5D Mk II with a 50mm f1.8 Mk I that is about half as old as the truck.