East Baltimore

First FOPP Concert of 2014

Cable Stine and the Brakemen tonite on Pagoda Hill. Bunch of snaps with the now lightly used 5D Mk III with long lenses. Started out with the 135 f/2 but that didn't last long, the rest with the 70-300 and the 100-400. Very different than the wide angle approach I have been pursuing lately.

Click here or on the snap below to see the gallery — mostly the band along with several stunning dogs.

Big crowd on the hill

Preakness Saturday

Has nothing to do with the race, only the date — thanks to Butts and Bettys for the reminder. Still working in the neighboorhood which seems to be evolving into the area south of East Baltimore Street, west of Patterson Park Avenue South, North of Aliceanna and east of Broadway. All with the Canon 14 although I am not sure that is going to yeild the quality of results I want until there is ultra wide native eMount. Maybe it is still my focus skills but I am not sure, missed several shots I was retaking — all becasuse of poor focusing. Lens or me? May need do more with the Nikon 20, although that seems too narrow.  

Snaps from Durham Street are ok though and that is the origin of the one below. Rest of them in smugmug here or click on the snap below.

Prints of these are working well at 15"x15" in 20"x20" frames. I especially like the latest ones on Canson Platine Rag. More printing on the agenda for this evening.



Yet another first weekend in May item

A lttile OCD this weekend with the Nikon 20mm f/s.8 AIs. Back out again trying to deal with the OOF foreground. Got that solved at the expense of distant focus. Just need to backup I guess - most people don,t get close enough — I can't seem to back off enough. 

Afoot again. This time 2 blocks north, one and half west and half block east. All A7r, all Nikon 20mm. Feel like I might actually be out of energy — so the last item for the weekend. The other four below. Clicking the snap below brings up the smugmug gallery (again more contact sheet than gallery) as does clicking here

No Mark V for me

Trying walking distance only for a while. Fills the rehab gap and moves the focus to taking shots rather than researching and driving road trips. Down the hill toward but not to Fells Point. The A7r and the Nikon 20 f/2.8. Still getting some close in stuff OOF — more practice needed. Again more like a contact sheet than a gallery. Cut by the raw haul slightly by more than half.

Posted at 2:42PM while the snaps are uploading - likely to take another hour or so to get them all on smugmug. Click here or on the Mark V to replace boredom with snoozing on a long flight.

This is the fourth post since Friday night so this weekends WIP is spread between this item and the three below.