Flypaper Texture


well maybe.  A clouple of days with heavy rain and dense clouds.  The sun broke through for a while around lunch time. Time enough for a quick couple of snaps with the X100 — prepping for the second annual Black Friday excursion to Manhattan.  Still hoping to be able to pull that off dispite some achilles tendonitis.

The tall building in the middle of shot is Silo Point, a rehabbed B&O grain elevator that is now apartments and as of yesterday the other end of my 5GHz uWave internet access link.  Was pointed at downtown but they needed to upgrade the antenna and along with it came a different route.

X100 then smashed to smithereens with a a half dozen plus of Flypaper's Textures.

Smashburger! Then why not...

Why not indeeed!  But why stop there? Why not mash, purée, cream, crush, press, liquidize, liquefy, sieve, squash, pound, macerate, grind, mince them? Not just one verb at a time lots of them.  Totally Rad's Dirty Pictures with Flypaper Textures to get, well... dirty snaps. The snap from Morland, KS two weeks ago, symbolic of the flight to OKC this evening. Recipe to follow later in the week.

and one from Anisquam, MA on Mother's Day 2011 


I continue to want to move away from excruciatingly "sharp" images.  Textures appear to be one way to accomplish it.  Going to take a while to get it, for the moment using recipes.  This is a redo of the OOB  pier shot from mid-June.

The Flypaper Textures recipe:

Burnished Clay - Overlay @ 100%
Lime Plaster - Multiply @ 73% flipped vertically
Labyrinth - Overlay @ 100% Desaturated
Stygian tin - Soft Light @ 100% Desaturated with bottom brushed away.
Lime Plaster - Multiplied @ 55% flipped vertically
Nuriel Clouds - Soft Light @ 100% Desaturated
Nuriel Clouds - color @ 21% Desaturated