Helicon Focus

Technically correct

Not so artistically intesting.  Practice again.  This on the 5D Mk II (can't do this without the grip and RRS L-Bracket which are backordered for the Mk III) and the SmallHD DP-4 for focusing.  Shot with the 45 TS-E, in portrait orientation, manual exposure at f/11.0 at 1/80 of a second, ISO 100.  In the RRS macro rail (mounted sideways) with production stops set at 11mm to the left and right of center.  Six shots taken, two each at three positions.  The two shots were focused near and far and combined in Helicon Focus to increase the DOF.  The three images rendered by Helicon Focus were then flat stiched in Photoshop CS-6 as they were shot (i) left lens and camera rail shift 11mm (ii) no camera or lens shift and (iii) right lens and camera rail shift 11 mm.

Afterwards a shot of Velvia 50 emulation with Alien Skin Exposure 4, then Pro and Tonal Contrast with Nik Color Efex 4, noise reduction with Nik Define constrainted by a surface mask and sharpened with USM constrained by an edge mask.  Resulting image is about 1.75x the width of a normal portarit orientation snap on the 5D Mk II and would "contact" print at 300ppi at 21.7 x 17.5 inches (slightly cropped from the top only to a 5x4 aspect ratio).

Etude for DOF in Flat Stitch

Is better in faux infrared from Exposure 4.

Stiched foggy morning

No clever comments for this just the specs, actually, 17 shots, Heiicon Focus focus merged, front to back twice, then stictched in to a pano.  Although with the 45 TSE-E rotataed because the shift was in use to keep the camera level.  Need to use the macro slide to get the entrance pupil correctly positioned.  Practice, practice — tuning up for the North Dakota workshop.  Quite large if printed at 300ppi ~ 39" x 12".  5D Mark II, 45mm TS-E f/2.8, ISO 100, f/5.6, +1 EV, 1/100 on the Gitzo.

So here is the redo with the macro slide and the no-paralax (aka, entrance pupil, nodal point) set correctly. Gitzo lowered to eliminate the need to shift with the 45mm TS-E but the composition could have dealt with the rail better.